広●県中学校勤務 現役国語教師は実は、脱いだらFcup 超エロ大好き。むっつりエッチな先生 AVデビュー

Yura Satsuki is an active female teacher who teaches Japanese at Hiroki Prefecture Junior High School. She has a gentle and serious personality. Her popularity with her students is also reasonable. She makes a secret AV debut to her co-workers, students, and parents and cums!! She is 148cm tall and her beautiful F-cup breasts with a plump look and gap sway with every piston! Play with her pussy! A huge squirting flood!! The blowjob that looks her in the eyes and licks her balls is super erotic! Her favorite position is cowgirl. She has a tight waist that hits the place that feels good for her! She also showed me real masturbation with a toy she brought from home!! The 3P sex I wanted to try in an AV was with her restrained and blindfolded. Oil blame! Haha… I climaxed until I was exhausted!! The sweaty and serious teacher was a sullen and naughty man who loved sex.

Yura Satsuki


A Japanese language teacher who works at a junior high school in Hiroshima Prefecture actually loves erotic F-cups when she takes off her clothes.Sullen and naughty teacher AV debut



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