女上司4人の湿ったパンストとアナルの匂いをかがされギン勃起してしまい、 ブラック企業の社畜としてセクハラ密着フォーメーションで中出し残業させられています。

“Are you ready for tomorrow’s presentation?” “You really work hard, don’t you? You look so calm.” “We work for a black company, so you’re busy every day, so you haven’t had sex! I’ll show you how great it is.” Unable to disobey the unreasonable orders of her female boss, she is forced to work overtime due to sexual harassment and is unable to move due to temptation… She is forced to wear stuffy black pantyhose from morning till night and is made to smell the smell of her boss’s anus. I work every day as a toy to blow away my sleepiness…

He gets an erection as he smells the wet pantyhose and anus of his four female bosses, and is forced to work overtime with sexual harassment in close formation as a slave to a black company.

[MIRD226 / MIRD-226 / MIRD 226]