「これ本当に研修ですか!?」巨乳エステティシャンだらけの職場(エステ店)で男はボク1人! 巨乳の悩みでもある肩こりマッサージで先輩女子を堂々とお触り!

I’m glad I was able to get a job again at a beauty salon…The store manager, Yayoi-san, relieves the frustration of financial difficulties by letting out her sexual desires, and the deputy manager, Otsu-san, seems serious but may actually be the most erotic. Yumi-san is modern and has a lot of fun and is erotic, and Mizuhara-san is calm but actually sullen and lewd.As part of my job, I openly massage the girls’ big breasts, making them think I’m in a heavenly situation, but in reality I’m being used as a toy by my female bosses…

“Is this really training?!” I’m the only man in a workplace (esthetic salon) full of big-breasted estheticians! A senior woman is proudly touched with a massage for stiff shoulders, which is also a problem for big breasted women!

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