駅チカ住宅地で座り込む酔い潰れ巨乳娘を連れ込み監禁 酒と媚薬チャンポンさせて朝までデカパイ独り占め意識混濁キメセクレ×プ

Late at night, you can often see drunk people near the station. I couldn’t help but take a second look at the unsuspecting big-breasted girl, so I took it home. In a drunken state, you can rub and lick her huge breasts as much as you like without any resistance. If you’re about to wake up, just force yourself to drink s*ze* and crush it. I gave him an aphrodisiac and while he was unconscious, I treated him like a masturbator and fucked him until the sperm dried up.[Complete coma → Half-awakened rape → Kimesekre × Pu]Even if you are almost unconscious, you can feel the lewd body and the pussy is wet, and when you put the dick in your mouth, you will give a blowjob by reflex. I cum so much that I pee and have incontinence. A G-cup woman who is so plump that it would be a shame to throw it away and is so comfortable to hold (estimated).

A drunken big-breasted girl sitting in a residential area near a station is brought in and confined, made to drink alcohol and play with aphrodisiacs, and has a big boobs all to herself until morning.

[PPPE192 / PPPE-192 / PPPE 192]