美脚CA 粘着オヤジに堕とされて…戻れない快楽調教フライト

CA Marin Hinata, who has been deprived of her career amidst the economic downturn, is introduced by an acquaintance to become the exclusive CA for a VIP private jet. When she is called to a hotel as preliminary training, she is taught sex manners that make use of her beautiful legs and good looks! The CA who has no choice but to obey the obedient old man has no choice but to do service training every day. Her mind and body are gradually eaten away by the man’s techniques and her long legs are trembling. The longed-for Takamine Hana flies into the sky of pleasure as a meat urinal exclusively for wealthy people around the world…

Beautiful Legs CA – Fallen to a Sticky Old Man…Pleasure Training Flight with No Return

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