放課後から翌朝まで何度でも… 舞雪先生の無防備おっぱいと寂しげな素顔に発情して暴走ピストンで中出ししてしまった性欲モンスターなボク。

[One limited collaboration work of Mayuki Ito x Premium adult drama! ]Maiyuki, a female teacher, kindly invites her student to her house after getting soaked in preparation for the school festival, but her boyfriend can’t come home because of work, so she ends up spending the night alone with her student… The students who are excited by Maiyuki’s true face shown due to her loneliness and the exquisite body that looks like her teacher’s body cross the line! Even though she has a boyfriend, Maiyuki’s breasts and heart sway every time he penetrates her vagina with a violent piston. At night and in the morning, I was made to cum by my unequaled student many times…!

As many times as I want from after school until the next morning… I’m a monster of sexual desire, and I got excited by seeing Maiyuki-sensei’s defenseless breasts and lonely face, and ended up cumming inside her with a runaway piston.

[PRED465 / PRED-465 / PRED 465]