ボクを家で介抱してくれた先生のカラダがエロすぎて… 勃起が止まらないボクを受け入れて何度も中出しセックスをしてくれた優しくてムチムチなみづき先生。

Mizuki has become a teacher, which she has always dreamed of becoming, but her husband, who is about to get married, tells her to become a housewife, and the students she is in charge of are constantly fighting and worrying. One day on the way home, when I took an injured male student home to treat him, his adolescent cock could no longer hold back on his defenseless big butt and went wild! Crossing the line with the students…! Her ass and breasts are too naughty for the teacher, and she is always fully erect and creampied! A female instinct is ignited by an unparalleled student! Squeeze out the sperm by swinging your ass at night and in the morning! But if you are a teacher, you will still ejaculate!

The body of the teacher who took care of me at home was so erotic… The kind and plump teacher Mizuki accepted my erection that wouldn’t stop and had sex with me repeatedly.

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