[Yuri Hirose’s first full-fledged rape work! ]Yuri is an honest and serious beautiful teacher who saved her student from being threatened by Yakara alumni. Yakara, who has a grudge against him, begins a villainous plan! When the threatened student invites Yuri to the library, she is brutally raped by an alumnus who was waiting for her! Humiliating and teary-eyed deepthroat using naked photos as material! Let her wear a swimsuit and humiliate her with toys! I don’t care if she cries out, I rape her again! In the sacred classroom, a betrayal gang rape with former students and threatened students! A priest’s chastity is violated and he falls into a meat urinal…

Raped new female teacher ~Clergyman meat urinal gangbang of villainous OB and unfaithful students~

[PRED508 / PRED-508 / PRED 508]