合いすぎたカラダ。 介抱してくれる優しい梨穂先生に甘えて何度も中出ししてしまった性欲モンスターなボク。

[The student’s cock is a great match! Forbidden creampie sex that crosses the line!!]Riho, a female teacher, is allowed to let an injured student stay at her home. A student with a voluptuous body and sexual desire has no chance of being able to endure it and runs wild! Riho is also attracted to the young cock that is getting excited, and they ask each other many times and immerse themselves in intense sex all night long! “Even though it’s no good… Teacher’s pussy will belong only to you…!” The way she asks for creampie in a sweet whisper is disqualifying as a teacher. But for students, it’s the best sex education…

A body that fits too well. She is a monster of sexual desire who has been spoiled by the kind teacher Riho who takes care of her and has creampied her many times.

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