倒れたミウ先生を介抱して家に送ったら… ムチムチ美尻美脚と健気さに勃起が止まらず朝まで何度も中出ししてしまった性欲モンスターなボク。

[Runaway creampie to the tall and beautiful legged teacher Miu! ]A male student who took Miu, a female teacher who had collapsed on the street, to her home couldn’t stand the defenseless sight of her idol’s teacher and the space of just the two of them, and his sexual desire went wild! Licking and sucking her long-awaited beautiful legs and having creampie sex! Miu, who is frustrated because she hasn’t seen her boyfriend for a while, cries even though it’s no good! Even if you let him ejaculate in the bath, the sexual desire of adolescents will not run out and they will devour each other all night! Even though she is a student, Miu loses in the pleasure of the cock and gives up her position as her teacher and cums as a woman!

When I took care of Miu-sensei who had collapsed and sent her home… I was a monster of sexual desire, and I couldn’t stop getting an erection due to her plump, beautiful legs and strong legs, and ended up ejaculating over and over again until morning.

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