残業、嵐、のち中出し 優しく巨乳なカレン先輩のしっとりおっぱいに発情して何度も中出ししてしまったボク。

One day, while I was working overtime, I couldn’t go home due to heavy rain, so Karen-senpai decided to let me stay the night. The two of them are alone and their reason collapses when they see their wet and transparent appearance up close! Even though I have a girlfriend… But the body of the senior I’ve always admired is so erotic! There’s no way I can resist such a temptation! I don’t care what happens, I want to ejaculate! I devour her soft and big tits completely and have sex with her in the living room, in the bath, and over and over again until the morning arrives! An immoral sex record of two people who ignored their girlfriend’s phone calls and had sex until before going to work…

Overtime, Arashi, and later creampie. I got excited and creampied over and over again on Karen’s gentle and big-breasted senior Karen’s moist breasts.

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