Even though I have a girlfriend…I have a secret date with Riho, a senior at the company. “If I get an erection, would you like to go to the hotel?” If there is a chance, I will hug you, whisper lewd words, and kiss you repeatedly to seduce you! “Wow… you’re really cute, I want to kiss you//” Her real Kansai dialect, which she doesn’t show at work, resonates with my dick! Cafes, arcades, amusement parks, the lewd Riho who comes everywhere is completely defeated and fully erect! Immediate slut hotel SEX, entrance fellatio, lovey-dovey sex, the ultimate eroticism that you can’t experience with your girlfriend! “You have decided to be my boyfriend//” Even though it shouldn’t be true, I fell in love with Riho’s lewd charm…

Even though I have a girlfriend, the lewd Riho who wants to be my mistress is forced to seduce me and kiss me anytime, anywhere. A forced adultery creampie date.

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