Riho sensei learns that the male student she’s aiming for has a girlfriend. Even though she is a good adult, she is tempted to give a blowjob by burning with jealousy! Follow-up fire with vacuum mouth obscene that distorts the neat and beautiful face! She happily sucks the young cock in her mouth! With the educational policy that “Blowjob is not cheating”, we will give you blowjob and creampie SEX even in your lower mouth! It’s no good, but I ejaculate many times and get a lot of facial cumshots! Don’t let go of your cock throughout the school! The relationship between student and teacher is not good even though she is by his side! Teacher…I’m going to ejaculate again!

“The teacher’s blowjob is better than her girlfriend’s, isn’t it?” – A female teacher gives a follow-up blowjob to a student who has a girlfriend.

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