―仕事のミスを全て肩代わりした僕の復讐― 女上司をエロメイドにして週末肉オナホ契約

Miu, who has a strong desire to move up, blames her mistake on her subordinate, so she promises to do as she pleases only on weekends. Immediately change into a maid costume at the company and give a service blowjob! When the weekend comes, I’ll go to the hotel and do irresponsible creampie sex, body wash & Irama training, toy torture FUCK, meat masturbation 3P and Miu as much as I like! Miu, the normally annoying boss, has been turned into an obedient maid! Miu, who has become aware of her role as a meat masturbator through training, forgets her position and becomes captivated by the pleasure of surrendering to her master’s dick…

-My revenge for taking over all the mistakes at work- I turned my female boss into an erotic maid and gave her a weekend meat masturbation contract

[PRED672 / PRED-672 / PRED 672]