美脚CA 粘着オヤジに堕とされて…肉便器への調教フライト

Hoshimiya, a CA whose company was forced to merge due to the recession. A middle-aged man, an executive at the company we are merging with, orders me to serve him physically, and he forces me to have sex with him. For the future of the company, there is no choice but to obey, and the hospitality training is repeated. She likes the beautiful legs and big ass of an expensive woman, and is driven crazy over and over again by her father’s old technique. Even though he doesn’t like it in his mind, his body automatically remembers the pleasure of cock service. Creampie training that continues relentlessly. Her pantyhose and pride are torn to shreds and she is raped. The CA that everyone admired falls into the role of a meat urinal attendant…

Beautiful Legs CA: Fallen to a sticky old man…Training flight to the meat urinal

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