As my boss and a married woman… My husband and I are in a period of boredom. He is tired from work responsibilities and family stress. I miss the excitement I had in my 20s, when I was filled with work, love, and play. I had a good subordinate who was young, good at his job, and loyal. As a subordinate, I admire Mr. Yamagishi, who is good at his job and beautiful. I do have a girlfriend, but once I had an affair and spent the night with Mr. Yamagishi after a drinking party. It was the best. However, even though I thought that such a thing was no good and regretted it, I received a call from Mr. Yamagishi on his day off. Parks, clothing stores, darts bars, arcades, Ferris wheels, Yamagishi-san comes to kiss me, force me to fuck me, and make love to me anytime and anywhere. “Have sex with as much as your erection and cum inside me…!” Ah… Mr. Yamagishi… it was too erotic…

My female boss Ayahana called me on a holiday and forced me to kiss her outside and we had a flirtatious affair date.

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