息子のサッカーコーチは昔、愛した人でした… オトナの青春に火がついてしまい、子供が帰宅するまでの8時間ブリブリ中出し精子溢れるほどW不倫の快楽に溺れてしまったワタシ… 大人の青春は快楽沼。

[Pleasure in the muddy swamp]An adult’s youth called double infidelity. His son’s soccer coach was someone he once loved… A stable life and a fulfilling family. Even though she should definitely be happy, her daily life is somehow boring. At that time, I met my ex-boyfriend Hajime again. The devil is here… Even though I knew it was wrong, my womb remembered the pleasure. Getting together for the first time in 10 years… We pleasured ourselves again and again for eight hours until her son and her husband returned home. Because you know each other’s pleasure weak points, it feels good to be able to interact deeply in a limited time. Pleasure from mom to female. Dangerous pleasure feels really good.

My son’s soccer coach was someone I loved a long time ago… My adult youth was ignited, and I drowned in the pleasure of a double affair to the point where I was overflowing with creampie sperm for 8 hours until my child came home… My adult youth… Pleasure swamp.

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