VR NO.1 STYLE <白上咲花>解禁 アダルト界で、今世紀一番の正統派美少女スター 白上咲花とイチャラブ同棲生活

“Colorless and transparent” is a perfect expression for Shirakami Sakka. Clean, cheerful, and fresh. A perfect presence and still unfinished sex. It’s up to you what color it will turn out to be. She may play innocently, cling tightly to you and coddle you, or she may look at you anxiously with an ennui expression on her face. On the inside, she is a life-sized 20-year-old ordinary girl who has just become an AV actress.Would you like to start living with the visual No. 1 AV idol who will become the leading role in the AV world? My first VR work. Please be gentle with me.

Shirakami Sakka


VR NO.1 STYLE Lifting the ban on this century’s most orthodox beautiful girl star in the adult world, Saka Shirakami, and a loving cohabitation life


[SIVR345 / SIVR-345 / SIVR 345]