グラビア芸能人 金松季歩 S1専属決定!3本番

Actually, it was a one-time promise… But I really wanted to take pictures again. “Would you like to appear in an AV again?” About 2 months have passed since the release of MUTEKI, which received a great response… Her amazing gravure BODY has been further polished… Gravure entertainer “Kiho Kanamatsu” S-1 has finally arrived! There is no cutting corners for celebrities! A hard-hitting performance that fully demonstrates its incredible erotic potential! NEXT STAGE…To the other side of gravure… 3 serious sex scenes of celebrities!

Kiho Kanamatsu


Gravure celebrity Kiho Kanematsu S1 exclusive decision! 3 performances

本当は1本限りの約束だった…。でも、どうしてもまた撮影したかった。「もう一度、AVに出てみませんか?」大反響だったMUTEKIリリースから約2ヶ月…圧巻のグラビアBODYはさらに磨きに磨かれて…グラビア芸能人”金松季歩”エスワン堂々、降臨!芸能人に一切の手抜きなし!とんでもないエロポテンシャルを余すことなく発揮したゴリゴリのガチンコ本番!NEXT STAGE…グラビアのさらに向こう側へ…。芸能人の本気の本域セックス3本番!

[SONE227 / SONE-227 / SONE 227]