“Mr. Kosaka, please definitely keep it a secret from everyone at school. Ugh…it feels so good.” I can’t trust all adults. However, the only person I could trust was my homeroom teacher. But can we really trust it? It’s good? After school, I half-jokingly asked my teacher to go to a hotel with me, but he unexpectedly followed me to the hotel. It’s too creepy. If you hadn’t given in to my temptation…I could have trusted you… The teacher is extremely excited, starts licking my dick, and shakes his hips violently. Even though I have a wife…a teacher who has sex with me who is more than 20 years younger than me…is too creepy. I’ll definitely reveal it to the class later.

Nanaka Kosaka


As a teenager, I was having sex with my teacher while thinking that he was creepy and giving in to my temptations.


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