妻のスマホをこっそり見たら… 知らない男と裸の妻が…

It’s already been 8 years since I married Saki. Because I was a working person, I couldn’t take care of my girlfriend’s wife, and the relationship between the two of us gradually grew distant, and it became uncomfortable for both of us. Lately, I’ve noticed that my wife is always playing with her smartphone. Is there really anything that we should be so concerned about? Just on a whim, while Saki was sleeping, she operated her smartphone and took a peek. Among the many images stored in the album was an erotic image of a naked and obscene wife. There’s a lot of Saki’s “behind the scenes” that I didn’t want to know… Saki’s mature body is devoured by a stranger, and her husband reaches an orgasm that I have never seen before… The shock of being betrayed by my girlfriend’s wife was surpassed by the excitement of having my wife cuckolded by me.

Okuda Saki


When I secretly looked at my wife’s smartphone… I saw a man I didn’t know and my naked wife…


[SONE244 / SONE-244 / SONE 244]