Minami Kojima, who has been an AV actress for 13 years and has become a veteran… has finally broken down. She has appeared in many hard piston and exploitative works. I have experienced many times that she is an aphrodisiac. We haven’t done anything particularly new, so why did it suddenly collapse? It’s because everything we’ve been building up until now has exploded. As I get older, I have more and more sexual experience, but as my experience level increases, my senses become sharper, and when I used an aphrodisiac when I was at the sharpest point in my life…I was hooked. . As if she was jumping up and down, as if she was dancing in the air, her delicate body was thrown upwards and she reached the other side of climax. The point is, now is the best time to have sex.

Minami Kojima


Minami Kojima is broken.Shrimp warped aphrodisiac-soaked non-stop sex that bounces so much that it floats in the air


[SONE245 / SONE-245 / SONE 245]