Recently, my son’s Kcup wife seems to be in a state of boredom… I really want to worship those big breasts and lick and suck them… At that time, it was discovered that his son was embezzling money from my company, and a bright idea came to me… Let’s blackmail her son’s wife into working as a secretary. No one will talk back to me about the company I started. When I tried to do it, it went so well that I was already fully erect. When he saw the beautiful huge breasts he had dreamed of in the president’s office, he lost himself and sucked them like a child. I’ll lick and fuck you with your well-defined curvature, delicate limbs, and long-lost cunt. In absolute obedience in a closed room, the K-cup married secretary was sucked as much as she wanted with her gooey saliva by a skilled licking technique, and she drowned in pleasure in ecstasy.

Hikaru Nagi


K-cup secretary gets licked all over by the slug president and cums


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