The neat and cute “Miyu Aizawa”, who used to be an idol, reveals the greatest climax of her life! From the moment we entered the studio, non-stop shooting started for 6 hours! There are no breaks. aphrodisiac? Toy torture? 3P…A chain of pleasure attacks the small body using every means possible. The main source of the tide burst, and her lower body convulsed. Sex that lasted until I almost lost consciousness. A must-see is her extremely vulgar and lame orgasm as she continues to reach her true limit, until both her pussy and heart are about to break.

Miyu Aizawa


Make Miyu Aizawa cum for 6 hours straight! Massive orgasm with all body fluids released! She eclipses so much that she floats in the air!emergency orgasm


[SONE257 / SONE-257 / SONE 257]