転生したら寝取られAVの主人公だった!? NTRの未来を変えて架乃ゆらを救い出せ。 目指すはイチャラブ濃密性交END

Rescue Kano Yura from the never-ending NTR loop. I lost consciousness due to the techno break caused by long masturbation. Before I knew it, I was in the world of the AV I had been watching…While I was working to prevent Yura Kano from being cuckolded, I realized that I could time-leap, aiming for the pure love sex of my dreams. This world repeats itself over and over again. Show-off rape, lewd sex, group gangbang, cuckold sex that gets more extreme with each leap. After countless failures, what awaits you is a pure love ending, or an irresistible NTR…

Kano Yura


When I was reincarnated, I was the main character of a cuckolded AV! ? Change NTR’s future and save Yura Kano. The aim is lovey-dovey intense intercourse END


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