「キス、してください…」 終電逃し会社の後輩宅に泊めてもらうと…宅飲みほろ酔いでキス魔となってあまりの魔力に抵抗できず彼女を裏切り朝まで濃厚ベロキス浮気。

I have always loved my senior. But her senior has a girlfriend, and she knows that she has no choice but to give up. But one day, she was busy with her work and missed the last train, so she invited her senior to come over to her house, even though she knew it was a bad idea… I couldn’t control my feelings as I looked at the face of the person I love sleeping defenselessly next to me after drinking alcohol. Even though I knew it wouldn’t work, I had no choice but to take this chance and take advantage of it. “Hey, kiss me… please…”

Ayaka Kawakita


“Kiss me, please…” When I missed the last train and was allowed to stay at a junior’s house at work…he became a kisser while drinking at home and was tipsy, so he couldn’t resist her magical power and betrayed her, cheating on her with deep tongue kisses until morning.


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