年末年始、広い学生寮で女学生とおじさん管理人が2人きり… 禁断シチュに欲情した中年ち●ぽと寂しさ埋めたい若い少女おま●こは相性良すぎて合体し続けた。

December 31. The student dormitory is deserted as all the dormitory residents have gone home. New Year’s Eve alone is already lonely at this age… “I’m sorry.” “Eh?” “I got the wrong ticket… Can I stay in the dormitory until tomorrow?” Mr. Asano, who is neat and kind. New Year’s holidays spent alone. I was lustful when I saw her defenseless appearance after she fell asleep drunk… and I raped her… on New Year’s Eve… I thought she hated me, but she ended up liking me, and we loved each other until morning on New Year’s Day. It looks like this year will be another good year.

Kokoro Asano


During the year-end and New Year holidays, a female student and an elderly manager are alone in a large student dormitory… A middle-aged penis lusting after a forbidden situation and a young girl’s pussy who wants to fill the loneliness are so compatible that they continue to unite.


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