新人NO.1 STYLE 水乃なのは AVデビュー

When she was naked, her skin was incredibly white and mysterious. The bench coat is the origin of Nanoha Mizuno. When she was a cafe idol, she was a cold girl and was a solicitor. She also started T●KT●K because she wanted more people to know about her. It spread before the blink of an eye and suddenly became popular…Gravure offers flooded in. I got scared because my popularity started to take on a life of its own. She wanted to cool down, so once she disappeared. It felt good to have her attention. She didn’t hate it. I hate being halfway done. If she’s going to do it anyway, she wants to be famous… she wants to be on the top… she wants to expose everything about herself and be recognized… she decides to take the biggest decision in her life to become an AV actress. Underneath her bench coat…She’s soft and white like a marshmallow, and has an angel body that’s filled with all the things men love.The rest of the story will tell you what kind of sex this girl is capable of.

Nanoha Mizuno


Newcomer NO.1 STYLE Nanoha Mizuno’s AV debut


[SONE282 / SONE-282 / SONE 282]