Saki is 32 years old, married for 5 years, has no children, and is an older married woman with big breasts and H-cup breasts. I met my girlfriend on an app six months ago, and we’ve been having a physical relationship. She doesn’t particularly pry into her family, but she seems to be on bad terms with her husband. When I contacted her, she came…she listened to everything I had to say…she was a convenient sex friend slave for me. “I want you to make me even more horny…” A perverted masochist big-breasted married woman who is servicing a younger man, gets wet from being bullied, and is cumming. Nipple pinching, deep throating, restraint and blindfolding, spanking, neck tightening, hairy pussy torture… A woman who forgets the reality of being married and indulges in masochist adulterous sex.

Okuda Saki


The married woman I found on a dating app was a sensitive masochist with hidden big breasts and was an excellent substitute for a masturbator.


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