I hate my boss who bullies my husband. My husband is very kind. And she obediently accepts anything. Her hated boss also doesn’t like that her husband got married. How can he get married before me? That’s what I think. Even though I am newly married, I am harassed by working overtime every day. “It’s because you’re slow at work.” Without realizing that he was being forced to take on an impossible amount of work, her husband believed that it was because he was slow at work. One day, her husband invited her to go on a trip to a hot spring. I wonder how long it’s been since we went on a trip together. However, the trip was a gift from someone she hated. I wonder if I’m trying to atone for using my girlfriend’s husband… Whatever the case, I was happy to be able to go on a trip with her husband. However, when I arrived at the inn… there he was. “There’s a problem with a business partner. Go to the office right away and deal with it.” As soon as we arrived at the inn, her husband was sent to the office and he was right in front of me. “I’m in control of my husband’s future. I want to live happily ever after, right? If I get fired, what are we going to do about the mortgage? What I say is absolutely true. You know what I mean, right?” It’s vulgar and emotional. Bad laugh…it makes me feel nauseous. I realized that this trip was planned. It’s crazy to accidentally run into trouble and end up alone with this guy. However, considering her husband’s position, he could not resist…he had no choice but to do as he was told.

Minami Kojima


A hot spring trip where my husband’s boss, whom I hate, kept raping me all night for the sake of my beloved husband.

夫をイジメる上司…嫌いだ。夫はとても優しい。そして、素直に何でも間に受けてしまう。嫌われ者の上司は夫が結婚したことも良く思っていない。なんでアイツが俺より先に結婚できるんだ?と思っている。新婚なのに、毎日残業ばかりして嫌がらせ。「お前の仕事が遅いからいけないんだぞ」ありえない量の仕事を押し付けらているとも気づかず夫は自分の仕事が遅いからだと信じ込んでいた。ある日、夫から温泉旅行に行こうと誘われた。いつぶりだろう、二人で旅行に行くなんて。ただ、その旅行は大嫌いなアイツからプレゼントされたという。夫をこき使ってる罪滅ぼしだろうか…何にせよ夫と旅行に行けるのが嬉しかった。しかし、旅館につくと…アイツがいた。「取引先でトラブルだ。すぐ会社にいって対処しなさい」旅館に着くなり、夫は会社に行かされ私の目の前にはアイツがいる。「旦那さんの将来は僕が握ってるんだよ。 ずっと幸せに暮らしたいだろ?クビになったら家のローンとかどうするの? 僕のいうことは絶対だ。言ってる意味わかるよね?」下品で気持ち悪いうすら笑い…吐き気がする。そっか、この旅行は仕組まれていたんだと気付いた。偶然トラブルが起きてコイツと二人きりになるなんてオカシイ。しかし、夫の立場を考えると抵抗できない…言いなりになるしか、なかった。

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