I moved to Tokyo alone to become an announcer. I was excited to be selected as the weather girl on a popular variety show. The other side of the glittering world was extremely muddy. Yes, I was noticed by a famous host. He is known as the ratings man and is a dictator who controls the program, including the staff and performers. Every time the assistant who worked for him quits, nothing but dark rumors come out… One day, during a program, my butt was groped. From there, as he gradually became more extreme, he was forced to serve as a service, and people around him rumored that he was the pleasure group of a big-name host. If you scream that it’s sexual harassment, you’ll be taken off the show… Feeling guilty and humiliated, he tries to hold back, but during a live broadcast, he is manipulated by a remote control and cannot read the manuscript properly, or he is forced to use an aphrodisiac and pees, and as his shame and pleasure mix, he gradually becomes unable to make normal decisions… Before I knew it, I was looking for the cock of a big-name host…Please take care of me, please do as I please, but I ended up being trained by the big-name host’s sex treatment dog…

Riri Nanatsumori


As a result of enduring extreme sexual harassment, the weather girl who can never go against her superiors… finally begins to desire a dick.


[SONE289 / SONE-289 / SONE 289]