Although younger than me, I have been my childhood friend since childhood. She has a bit of a cheeky personality, and she teases me by showing off glimpses of her cleavage and panty shots to me, who is still a virgin. “Isn’t this what you want?” I said mockingly, and the provocation tempted me and I got an erection…I was so frustrated. Seeing my dick getting so stiff, I guess Aoi got excited too, so she mounted me and somewhat forcibly stroked me with her pussy for the first time. Now that I know the feel of a girl’s warm vagina…I spend my days fucking her everywhere![This work is Aoi Hinata, her AV retirement work! Goodbye message bonus video included! ]

Aoi Hinata


“Huh? It’s getting erect lol” My younger childhood friend was teasing me about my virginity and was provoking me with a grin, and sadly I ejaculated over and over again.


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