A beautiful woman with no contact who always has at least one person close to her. For me, that person is Asuha, the receptionist who is rumored to be beautiful at work. I heard that she doesn’t usually participate in drinking parties, but it seems like she attended today, which is unusual. However, I didn’t have time to talk and ended up being destroyed by her boss with alcohol. When she realized she was on the bed… why was Asuha in front of her? ! If we happened to share a room, we’d have no choice but to fuck…

Mitsuha Asuha


I got drunk at a drinking party at work, and when I woke up, I found myself alone with Mitsuha, the receptionist…Even though I was innocent, I was completely horny and courted her, so I forgot both reason and my girlfriend, and ended up having cheating sex over and over again until morning. Ta….


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