“Young lady, these are the kinds of things you do in the sex industry (smirks)” As an office worker, I feel stressed every day. One day, at the limit of stress, I called a prostitute. She is just trying out the sex industry, and she doesn’t know anything about how the sex industry works. It’s the best. I did things to her that were prohibited at her sex shop, such as instant sex, anal licking, deep throating, collar restraint, strangling sex, facial cumshots, and real sex. A delivery health girl, a college girl who is not easy to push, gets pushed by me, a customer, and does whatever she wants (lol) “It’s hard to live in the adult entertainment world, isn’t it? Huh? But does it feel good?” She is an excellent health girl.

Rei Kuroshima


I tried a lot of NG acts on a new sex worker who didn’t know anything about[immediate length/anal licking/drama/collar restraint/neck strangling sex/facial cumshot/actual]!!


[SONE295 / SONE-295 / SONE 295]