―アイスクリームは、おじさんの味がした― 中年オヤジの唾液にまみれ、粘液を絡ませ、汗だくなカラダを舐めずり合った制服の記憶。

That summer, my mind and body were absorbed by the old men. The old man’s drool was very thick and his penis smelled, but it was also endearing to see him desperately wanting me. In order not to give in to the man’s heat or the summer heat, I licked it desperately, shook my hips, and kept feeling wet. The unforgettable taste of my uncle’s saliva. A bitter summer where I ignored my homework and had lots of fun with old men. That scene that comes to mind every year when the hot season arrives…

Nico Kawagoe


-The ice cream tasted like an old man- Memories of uniforms covered in saliva and mucus from middle-aged men, sweaty bodies licked and rubbed against each other.


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