My life was ruined by a false accusation. After the story was made up by a molester and the news spread, he was labeled a criminal, fired from his job, and his family moved out. The person who fucked me was a female student wearing a uniform. It seems like he did it playfully, like it was a game. I can’t forgive…there’s no way I can forgive. Life became rough, and before I knew it, my room had turned into a garbage room. I lost the will to live, and all I could think about was taking revenge on the female student who had put me through this. One day, a visitor came to the room next door. It was a female student wearing a uniform. This wasn’t the one who fucked me. I know…but I was so upset that I couldn’t control my emotions, so I tied him up and took him to a room and put him under house arrest. “Why me? It doesn’t matter.” Every woman in a uniform is an enemy… a target for revenge… I thought I’d make a mess of it. My heart trembled so much that I cried out. The unique touch that only young women have was the best. This white skin, Bink’s areolas, everything about that unused pussy will be stained by me.

Mirei Uno


Even though I was raped under house arrest in the trash room of a recluse and creepy old man…As a student, I experienced unstoppable climax for the first time in my life.


[SONE314 / SONE-314 / SONE 314]