生徒想いの教師がメス化キメセク ゲス生徒に媚薬飲まされ死ぬほどイカされた淫乱覚醒トリップ性交

Sayaka is a kind female teacher who helped a student who was being bullied. However, what her student showed her was not her gratitude, but her distorted love. The female teacher’s body became extremely sensitive after being given an aphrodisiac without her knowledge. “Stop it! Why are you doing this…?” Contrary to what he said, the convulsions climax didn’t stop. The orgasm overflows with every thrust. Completely fell in love with endless aphrodisiac sex. “Ochi●Poshukishukii!!”

Sayaka Nito


A teacher who cares about her students turns into a woman. A lascivious student makes her drink an aphrodisiac and cums to the point of death.


[SONE380 / SONE-380 / SONE 380]