義弟に寝取られた二泊三日の温泉旅行 温泉に閉じ込められて

A two-night, three-day hot spring trip planned by Rie’s husband, Kengo, and his younger brother, Yuji. This inn, surrounded by rich nature, is a place where Kengo and Yuji have fond memories of being taken by their deceased parents when they were young. The worst incident that happened in such a memorable place. Rie runs into Yuji without realizing that she is in the men’s bath due to the gender swap system. Seeing Rie’s body for the first time, Yuji is unable to suppress his desire for her and attacks her.

2 nights and 3 days hot spring trip where I was cuckolded by my brother-in-law. Trapped in the hot spring.

[SSPD147 / SSPD-147 / SSPD 147]